Thursday, May 7, 2009

Power Speak System 強話系統課程: 參與者意見



Kevin Pun

It is very beneficial. I am always impressed by your endless energy, confident and real-life examples. Thanks a lot.

Kimmi Shum

At last, I have discovered "what" and "how" I can improve my speech from Keith's 3 -hours "Power-Speak System" Workshop.

I am used to speak at different occasions and have attended related training programs including those conducted by international trainers, yet I have not been able to pick up any salient hint for improvement until I came across Keith's workshop.

Elsie Wan

昨晚的Power-Speak System實在精彩,特別是最後一部份關於即場演講,我是其中一個有做practice的同學,的確如你所說,即場演講並不如想像中難,反而試過一次之後會再想試,同時我發現昨晚所學的,有一些地方可以應用在Facilitation上呢。


Chi Kin To


L.C. Wong

The formula is simple and easy to use in daily life. Thanks for your interesting and insightful workshop.

Kin So

The subject course is a good one. With your poassion, it brings us a way to structure our ad-hoc representation. It's a good idea to present ourselves with a formula in mind.

Lawrence Li

Power Speak System課程簡單直接,絕無廢話,獲益良多!!!

Barbara Lee

You can use your observation to your material to teach your class.
You can use your understanding of your knowledge to train your student.
You put question to develop everybody from your class.
Your material is always fresh and your look is always smart.

So, you are the BEST Trainer!

Dora Wong

It inspired with me the most is how to reboot our brain. It is really a magical trick that I can use it whenever I need. Thanks again!

Rowena Wong

Thanks for giving us an effective, useful & not complicated training.

Louisa Au

好 好 好,簡而淸。講真真係簡而清,取到重點。多謝!

Choi Ha Chu



Sam LO

It's the best course for me to develope my career.

Ricco Mak

Being a professional speaker, Keith shared his observations of a speaker's qualities. He provided very practical and easy-to-follow formula. And, as usual, classmates were impressed by his wit and insights.

Jenny Chow


Can Chung

Taking your Power-Speak System course is very useful to me.

Thomas Choy

Thank you for your teaching in the POWERFUL course. It is a very powerful class. I never know there is a system for speaking. I had only learnt a reminder of speaker in other speaking class.

In this class, I totally experienced that the success of a course is not the length of the class. It is the ESSENCE of the course is good. Good speaker is not how nice your voice and it is how natural you are.

Andy Kowk

It's so wonderful that you have devised some simplified steps for us to follow that we can speak fluently, confidently and to the point. Thank you for your great efforts.

Chan Tin Chee




全部都是精簡、清晰及直接的實用 Model ,特別是即場表演的model, 已即時印在腦中,立即見效!

Pik Sin Wong