Monday, October 5, 2009

Executive Thinking Course 人生經營者思維課程 部份參與者意見


I enjoyed the two days' course which is so far the best thinking process/skills/mechanics I have learnt, after reading over 20 thinking books which solely focus on methods. Some insights are particularly useful :-

- the underlying mechanism of 想通
- the secret of creativity
- importance to be logical & support with evidence

C. Chan

Thanks for your energetic and insightful teaching.
KH Chan

I have a lot of insight from thinking .
A. Kwok

Within those two days, thank you so much for your teaching, It's really a GOOD SHOW and I will try my best to fix in my coming life, in order to make use of it.
M. Lam

Your course in the past two days are really bring me insight on the way to thinking. It is totally new concept to me!
R. Yung

I did get different awareness and inspirations from last 2 days course and thank you to give us some new insight too.
B. Chan


C. Lee

Really Enjoy!
B. Chan

Thanks a lot for the great course, I have learned a lot!
H. Tsim

I really learned a lot from Level 1 and it resolved many doubts in my life.
C. Chen

ETC is an interesting course. I have to 'torture' myself!
M. Ho

We are enlighted and get back something important.
R. Yeung

Energetic and insightful teaching.
KH Chan

Executive Thinking Course was an interesting & a practical useful course.
YY Lee

Thank you for your well-organization of the course in which, as you said, things are all around us but we never aware .... until the moment. I got 2 insights during the practical and those are value to apply for.
M. Sin

Level 1 is wonderful!
Y. Ko

多謝您用心的教導,您的教導使我更清楚自己的想法及方法 。D. Lee
Thank you so much!! Something really came out from my mind suddenly during the VA practice on Sunday and definitely it is a new insight for my problem. It's amazing!
I. Tam


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